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Generation Nation

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Hullo and welcome to Generation Nation - your one-stop shopping experience for all your generational needs!

...Actually, it's a community devoted to discussion about generational theory. Whether you think it's gold or crap, deny not its strange and fascinating power.

Here we discuss the difference between the Baby Boomers and Generation Jones, how the '60s were shaped by the Silent Generation, who these upstarts the moderator likes to call "Generation Pi" really are, and anything else having to do with the cultural, political, social, and spiritual delineations of large groups of Americans born at different times.

Your moderator is the humble fourish. She is by no means an expert on the subject, nor has she read any books about it, but she is very keen on discussing its possible merits. General wild hurling about of theories is greatly encouraged! (But please, at least try to stay on topic.)